Okay. it's a nite posting when i watch Hulk.haah -,- i wanna tell ya sumthin terrible now. okay. it succesly SCARED me ! oh Gosh-,-

yess. my sissy lost her cellphone this day. umm the old one, it's truly impossible if the new one -iPhone- 'coz my momma doesn't allow us to bring that to skool . okay. it's GONE - -" i dont know how it can happen. it's pretty fast. when, we were in da'skool, sissy usually told my mom, it's time to pick us up to home. and ofcoz via txtin or callin with her old cellphone. after that, usually my mom waitin in the clinic besides my'skool. okay. this day, it's like the old days. USUAL !* sissy told mom to pick us up, and then we wait in de'clinic, after that my mom arrive and we go baack to home. taa-daa. usual ! but idk this day. is totes UNUSUAL -,- her phone is gone yess. gone and we dont know where it is ! we still confuse bout that. but i think it's not a big deal 'coz sissy still has the iPhones:P ngehehe.

okaay, but my mom was receiving a txt mssg from sissy's phone ! yess. sissy's phone ! and it says nothin. waow. it's amazing or not. it's totes TERRIBLE ! okaay. i dont know how can the phone txt to my mom by itself. it's totes weird. -,- and terrible. huh-,- what a weird day evaa.

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