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Okay, baby. I'M BAACK !* ( so what's ur bussines. hahuahaha:D) okay, seriously i'm baack and i wanna postin sumthin . yesterday, i posted about assignments and noww, surely i have many assignments to do . okaay, let's check it out :
  • Javanese Language >> about adjective words, 2stories *our experience durin we study in acceleration class and idk it's like a javanese fairytale:P* and after that, i must eat 2 units of a worksheet book ! DAMMIT. what de'hell that's too much, i cant spend my time 4 holiday. really-really holiday. without assignments !*
  • okay, after that. i have History. w-w-w-w-w-th ! i must make a summary about Islam's Kingdom in Java. uh-,- i hate that !
  • the third is, AAAAAAAAAAART ! yess. art. idk i think i dont like this subject ! really. i dont coz i cant ! fiuh-,- i must make a pattern on my pics that i made b4. =_________=
  • yayaya, english,nyueh, a conversation about legend on Indonesia. huahahuahuahua. and my team choose "The Legend of Bali Strait" hueheuhehehe:P
  • okaaaaaaaaaay, it's quitely much rite baby? watch after this. there are physics, BAHASA, math*oh, u just kiddin me, rite, math?* , computer, and geography.
okaay, i think it's too much, but in fact i'm must be on a holidaaay. wwwwwwwwwwwwwttttth ! huh, - - " yeayeayea, almost forget friends. ummm i wanna go to Vienna about 10 days. huahahah:P yess. Vienna hope u guys, dont miss me. muahahaha. haha. okay. that's all i must eat all of the assignments i have. toodless :)

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