i dont know but i think MY SISSY FEELS SO HAPPY NOWW (:
do u know why ? ngeheheh.
YEASS. my sissy got My Worlds [ Justin Bieber's Album ]
lol :D haha, actually she totes want to have My World Part 2.0, but u know in Indonesia, IT IS NOT AVAILABLE. and finally it changes with My Worlds >> My World and My World Part 2.0 and Justin's Huge Poster :D

okaay, absolutely, she feels happy now :D hahaa. cuz i know she is the TRUE BELIEBER since 2009 (: yeaa. it's the first when the world looks at him [ Justin Bieber ] okaay :P and i wanna show ya, guys, some pics about my sissy and My Worlds, My Worlds and my sissy. lol
>> oh yess. i almost forget to tell ya bout my sissy's blog here it is :P haha, if u look from the header, absolutely u know that she is the TRUE BELIEBER, rite? okay, i wanna show yaa. :D

wait a minute, baby. my sissy still facebookin with her iPhone, so i cant take some pics bout My Worlds. lol :D wait . .

okaaaay, gimmie that tool sissy :P haha lol
eyaeya. yess. i got it. lol here it is :)

oh, just a cute album cover, Justin. = )
okaay, now u must see what my sissy looks like when she GOT MY WORLDS :D muahahah

wooow guys. u must look how silly she is, and absolutely she totes happy about this day = )
okaay, it might be silly, but my sissy still wears the school uniform lol = ) heheh but it totes shows us, that she is the TRUE BELIEBER =)

yess. and noww, i still waitin about Taylor Swift New Album =) hope it can release this yr. lol =)
amen amen
okaay guys. love you all. toodless

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