Hey, shawty Miss yaa'll

Hey, i dont know i feel i miss you all guys. huh, momma tells me for not blogging, online via Twitter, Facebook, msn, blahblahblah. huh, LIFE IS ABOUT TO FEEL FREE HOW U CREATE UR OWN DREAMS, rite baby? huh, yea, but i know my mum has an important reason 4that. just because i'm not on the 1st rank in my class. i'm on the 2nd. uh =( why mum? yeaa, i know, sometimes WE FEEL SO TIRED IF WE CAN BE A WINNER ! isn't it? and i feel like that noww. okaay, sure, you guys, must be confused. why i write this post? hahaha, actually, i say to momma, i must design my blog, MOM ! i MUST ! AND I WILL ! okaaay, it's silly but i don care. lol

okay, talk about online. now i've already have a windows live messenger ! and u know what? on April 2nd 2010 at 21:00 I WAS CHATTIN WITH TAYLOR SWIFT ! is that great friendS? lol hhaha. in the pass, i always pray to God, that i hope i can meet Taylor Swift or even just CHATTIN ! and noww. i was chattin with Taylor Swift ! oh thanksalot God. THAT'S MY DREAMS. COOOOLEST DREAMS EVAAAAAA. ! .) and i wanna upload some pics about my chattin rooms with Taylor Swift ! Here it is :)

okay ! aren't they COOOOOOOOL ?! okay i'll definitely say YEAAAAAAAAAAA they're totes awesome and .. cool. and everythin ! rockin chic with me baby .) lol
okay. i was askin on TS bout how she was that daaay. okay. haha def she said OH, I JUST FEEL TIRED THIS DAY =) i know TaylorSwift was so tired that day, 'coz she was on her Fearless Tour Concert that daay =) and the last question is why dont u make a concert to Indonesia? she said, i'm so so so sorry baby, it's just about work about production, labels, u know in Indonesia, i bet there's only a few of my fans, rite? =( and then i answered OH GOD, ARE U KIDDIN ME? OFCOZ NOT TAY, just take time, u'll find a lot of fans in Indonesia = ) okaay? ..... toodless. okay. :)

yeaass. a short conversation rite? wooooooowwwww. but i love that day =)

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  1. did u really chat with her ?
    where did u get her messenger?
    im a really big fan of hers n im from indo..T_T