U must know somethin' bout Taylor Swift

Trivia-trivia. haha :DD

· Taylor was born as Taylor Alison Swift

· Her parents are Scott and Andrea

· Taylor has a brother, Austin

· She began writing songs at age 12

· When she was 13, Taylor was signed to a major label but she decided to walk away because she wanted to find some place that would really put a lot of time and care into her album

· Taylor said she has written/cowritten about 200 songs!

· Her grandmother was an opera singer

· When Taylor wanted to make decisions, her point of reference is the 6-year-old girl in the front row of her concert

· Her music influences include Dolly Parton and LeAnn Rimes

· Taylor is a Def Leppard Freak

· She tends to use real names in her songs

· Taylor written/cowritten all songs in her upcoming album Fearless.

· She is 5′11″

· Her ideal outfit are a sun dress and cowboy boots.

· She loves surprises and hardwood floors.

· Her Prince Charming criteria include great hear, immature sense of humor, and quiet confidence.

· Taylor said she’s not the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend.

· She loves wearing bracelets

· Taylor loves black and white pictures.

· She likes to read up on weird medical problems.

· Taylor thinks Keri Russell and Ellen DeGeneres are the coolest celebrities ever.

· She like things to be organized.

· She loves little kids

believe that, if u are Tayswift Luvver :))

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