catching ups.

I actually just got done reviewing history(s) for some tests for school when it starts again, and I'm doing nothing so I was just thinking why not post some rubbishes here? haha.

Well, as I told you in previous post, I'm gonna tell something big! It actually is not big enough, since it's personal. But one thing I can share from what I've learned, and that is definitely a great and fine present for me, for us to finally start 2012!
It's about trust. And that's all that really matters. I mean like, you can try to be good and maybe do anything just perfectly fine, but don't, I repeat do not ever forget something which is called trust. Trust is everything. When that person you love the most trust you, it feels like heaven. But by the time I learned, trust can be misused. Really, that happens plenty of times in life. And well, that happened to us, too. I don't understand at the first place on everything. About that person.

Why did you do that to us?
How could you try to be something so evil, that you even knew if you did that, we will not want to even forgive you?
We were so dissapointed. Felt hurt. We didn't know and we just didn't understand.
I know that, people are just people. Things don't work out together. (Used to this line, already!) But you can be evil enough just by stealing my ice-creams or my favourite food! Don't try to steal 'trust'. That's painful for me, and really, for us. You're the same. You're the same with the people whom I met, which doesn't even have fat hearts and greedy with all the things that make you happy, and make us feel tiny. You're the same and no different.
Yeah. I know, forgiveness can lift us bigger. Forgiveness destroys everything. So I choose forgiveness instead of everything.
I am forgiving. We are all forgiving. At least, we try.
Even from the deep of our hearts, we were and are so dissapointed.
But yeah. Remember on what it is trust. And how you use it.
And that's all.


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