Talk is Cheap(?)

Today has given me time to think about everything which has happened to me lately. About everything.
Everything that bothers/did bother me.
Everything that has been happening to my life lately since this past 2weeks/a month.
I just kind of feel that life is a total hard.
Everything doesn’t seem right. Everything doesn’t make any sense. Everything is just unfair for me.
Everything is never okay for me.
I, do not have any idea why I’m writing this rubbish on my blog which makes my blog much rubbish-er.

It’s all about the time to talk. It was and always is never easy for me. And as well for so many people. You know when people say ‘Talk is cheap!!’ Yeah people are damn right.
But you know, nothing is cheap. And so is Talk.
People might be true and wrong at the same time.
In the ‘Talk is cheap’ case, people are pure wrong about the time for a talk.
The time for a talk is never cheap. It will always get the fights involved.
By the time I’ve grown up, I always get some problems around a ‘time for a talk’.

It is like an unfinished problem, no matter how hard you try to get it done.
A week ago, I got this problem.
I’ve learned a lot from that problem. Yeah, it just seems so hurtful and never to be something which is right.
But from all of them above, there's something I can learn, which is Respect.

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