"And It's Arsenaaal, Arsenal FC..." and other stuffs too of course.

Maybe you've heard my rants about football on my Twitter before, but let's just make every point clear.
It's about football, supporting, and "life-supporter".
Never really thought I would actually post this, but.

You know, I have known about this quote for so long-

"when you start supporting a football club, you don’t support it because of the trophies, or a player, or history. you support it because you found yourself somewhere there; you found a place where you belong."

I think what I want to say here, is what that quote says.
You maybe will start saying "Oh, there you go again! You will start complaining about your life and 'Arsenal'.
Have your mouth shutted up.
I'm not actually complaining, I just want to clear things up.

Two until three weeks have given me so much lately.
About everything.
Everything related to football.
And Arsenal of course.
And not to forget about people who make comments to me lately. And other Arsenal supporters as well.

I swear to God, I have been called as a 'LOSER' for the rest of my life by so-many-people-which-now-I-do-not-have-respect-for-them-anymore.
By people who support some clubs who have some big achievements who always come every year. Just let's not mention what clubs.
Go predict now, because of what.
Arsenal. Of course a worst performance of Arsenal last season. (You guys saw that coming already.)
Been called as a loser is not easy.
But leaving or quitting from supporting Arsenal is NOT easy either. The fact is that, quitting from supporting Arsenal is harder than called as a loser.

I haven't really explained this before, but well-
My family is not called as football fanatics. All of them like football. But I can see that, they don't really devote their life to football/clubs they like, like I do.
And plus, the fact that I just really started watching football last season.
Yeah you can be judgemental now and tell me that I'm a plastic fan.
But at the first I saw Arsenal played, not really sure when I really really started watching Arsenal, seriously, but I can say that was when Arsenal vs Ipswich Town, when Arsenal equalized at the end of the match, when Fabregas took the penalty.
I saw them playing.
It's unbelievable, as soon as I knew that all the players are under than 25 years old.
Can you see? The tactics, the acceleration, and the mobility as well.
And that goes me whoah!
Not being quiet, cause Arsenal has made myself falling in love. I started to learn what is Arsenal. How is Arsenal. And of course I'm still learning. Until now.
You can say, my knowledges about this club is not that much, compared to other-devoted-arsenal-fans in the world. Or maybe some non-arsenal-fans as well.
What is that quote up there.
"You support it because you found yourself somewhere there; you found a place where you belong."
Fell in love quickly. And I found myself comfortable right there.
Is it really my fault that I fell in love with Arsenal? With the club? And everything related with it? Or is that my TV's fault, why it aired Arsenal's match that moment? Or is that my feeling's fault that love I give/been giving for Arsenal grows that fast?

No it's not.
It's not my fault. It's not my TV's fault. It's not my feeling's fault.
It happens naturally. Without someone's predict.
Arsenal did choose me to support them.
I did not choose Arsenal to be a club which is being supported in my entire life.
I can not see myself supporting other clubs, but for exception; FC Bayern.
But no.
My love for Arsenal is different; and maybe bigger than FC Bayern. Somehow nothing can compare to Arsenal.
Arsenal has been a part of my life from now on.
A club that really teaches me something.
I love watching Arsenal play every week end, I looked up to some legends like Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry, and etc.
I love screaming when I watch Arsenal play.
I'm happy when Arsenal wins their matches, and I also feels the heartbreak when we see, we lose at some important matches-which happens a lot nowadays.
I just get emotionals when I talk about my favourite club, Arsenal FC.

What is that succesful club without supporters. Life supporters maybe?
Without some loves that actually there no matter your club wins or loses?
Nothing. Nothing, indeedy.

Somehow, I find it quite funny how people only support club when they win. And start bashing their own club when they lose.
Funny. Very, very funny.
If I don't laugh, I will cry, surely.
What matters in my eyes is- loyality.
But no, loyality is not an absolute thing.
Nothing/No one sues for your loyality to a club.
There's always been a thing.
Called an era of a football club.
When they always win/or in their glorious moments. And also, when they always lose.
No one sues for your loyality, but you think now.
Do you ever want to let something go which was there on your heart, on your life, which helped you from life, alone standing there? Without being supported? Really?
In all honesty, no one would actually do that.
It was your memory, sweet sweet memory, and do you want to let that go, and just forget it? Not that easy.
But it's in my really-really-personal-and-emotional view.
What about you?
YOU decide.

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