Salted-Pumpkin Cookies by My Mom. :)

Back from school. It was raining so hard. I get a headache, ouch, that hurts alot, cause i have to wait my mom to pick me up.. *which is so so long for me* Well, the one thing i want to share is: CANDIES NEEDED. Or I'll die....... Whoah. I love sarcasm alot. Eventhough I've asked my mom to get some candies, she won't buy any for me. In this moment, i only have this..... This is Salted-Pumpkin Cookie. In order for Halloween, so my mom made them yesterday. They're yuick. Okay, they are delicious. :)
and, after eating some, my headache slowly goes away. And I just like it. Thanks Mom! I love you. Oh, wait! One thing, I hope you guys have a great day. xoxo

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