Cheer Montana

Okaaaaay, guys . i'm bored when i 'ate' math hw this mornin, and then i choose to postin sumthin on my blog . now i wanna talk about my luvly doll . huahahaha:P

it's pretty cute, rite? haha . her name is cheer. she was born on July 12th 2009, Changi Airport, Singapore ! hahah, i totes remember, that day, when we bought cheer at the one outlets in airport -Kaboom- Hahaa, totes funny, if i remember that !* yess. cheer is a care bear, and she totally loves voo-doo like in de'photo . idk why does she love that silly things? LOL ! okaaaaaaay, and she loves Hannah Montana very much:) and her fave things to do is sketchin. LOL let's check it out

okay, what do u think ? :)

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